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Our mission

The lab develops and applies computational tools to study DNA and RNA aberrations that drive cancer and how these produce novel therapeutic opportunities.

We use bioinformatics and machine learning to characterize alterations in cancer cells and advance precision medicine for patients. Our methods can be applied to any tumor type, but we have special interest in cancers arising from immune cells and specifically chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL), a common B-cell leukemia.

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Congrats Guy Leib for winning the best poster prize at the IBS meeting!
May 2024

Poster on "Immunogenicity in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and its impact on patient outcome"

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Hands on Keyboards
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Research projects

RNA aberrations in leukemia

Finding leukemia drivers that lay beyond DNA mutations

Novel neoantigen detection

Enabling precision immunotherapy by uncovering new sources of neoantigens

genomics of leukemia

Revealing the

bioclinical impact of leukemia-immune relations 

RNA-seq analysis for Clinical Genomics of rare diseases

Solving unexplained

inherited disorders

Network analysis of single-cell RNA-seq
in aging and cancer


RNA dysregulation

underlying age-related disease



We are actively recruiting highly motivated PhD students and Postdocs. MD students and programmers that are enthusiastic about cancer genomics and precision medicine are also welcome to apply.

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